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Hola, sunshine!

Two weeks ago I lived a very big experience in company of one lovely journalist and also another very special photographer from Next Magazine.  They came to our country because they wanted to follow my journey as a Panama hat blogger and see the entire process of our Ecuadorian hats. Even though I am not exactly a model, the entire week I changed my shy personality and I acquired that posture. I knew that I have to be not only a blogger but also the right ambassador of my own country, so the first day we made a lot of tourism activities such as park visits and streets stops. For them it was very important to choose the right spots for the photoshoot and they finally decided for the colourful houses of Barrio Las Peñas, that forms part of the old town of my city Guayaquil.  


In the second day the photoshoot was pretty fun but also stressful; I had to change clothes very fast and also had my make up on point. We moved very fast through the city, because of the changing weather (we were still at the rainy season) but at the end of day we visited the two spots that I love in Guayaquil: Mono Goloso and Camellias Tea. 

leyooo2 yo puesta

We travelled to the Coast on the third day and then immersed ourselves in the jungle of toquilla palms, the weather was very wet and hot, but every moment was worth it! The view of this very green and natural place where the pollution wasn’t invited, gave us a moment of self-concern of the natural fiber we were wearing in the top of our heads and its entire handmade process.


Many thanks Sophie and Shiloh for your kindly article and also beautiful photos! I hope to visit you one day in your own country and to be also your guest; you invited me so now I only need the time and the chance to travel.  As my father said to you: we are no longer acquaintances, but friends…

As we said goodbye to them at the airport, I felt a little bit melancholic about their departure, but the invitation was made and immediately a phrase came to my head: “when you have friends all over the world, you have houses in every country! “


We went also to the stadium of my beloved football team, Emelec! The next article I´m definitely are going to talk about that special experience…


The Holy Week is coming…

There is a week well-known and celebrated here in Ecuador that forms part of the cultural and religious heritage of the country, the Holy Week.  There are a lot of special activities that will let you know more about our traditions and religious beliefs. In Ecuador, most of the population is catholic and the other half confessed that is protestant or don´t have any religious affiliation. The catholic population organize every year a huge procession between 7 churches, where they remember the holy sacrifice of Jesus Christ, make penitence and ask for forgiveness. The tour of «The 7 churches» is a tradition here in my city Guayaquil! In the photos below you can see three of the most emblematic churches:


«La Merced» church credits: André Loor @simpolei


In front of the «San Francisco» church… credits: André Loor @simpolei


In front of the Guayaquil Metropolitan Cathedral… credits: André Loor @simpolei



The Ecuadorian families are very concern not only of the religious activities but also about implementing some beliefs even in their food! As a child I remembered the picture of my grandma Zoila and father grinding the corn, while we wait to receive in our hands the final meal named “humita” (one of the traditional Ecuadorian foods during the Easter, they are made of steamed savory corn and inside of them you can find cheese, they are later wrapped in corn husks)

Another memory I have is that I started to eat “fanesca” because of my grandma Margarita (the mother of my mom), even though she is no longer catholic she kept that habit! In my city there are plenty of places for eating this popular meal, but I choose the Palace Hotel located in the very center of Guayaquil, because they have not only one of the best fanesca soups but also my beloved coconut lemonade,  my top drink in the city!

Definitely the most significant dish is the fanesca matted soup.  I found the perfect definition and summary of the recipe at the blog of another Ecuadorian food blogger named Laylita: Fanesca is made with salt cod, many different types of beans and grains – both fresh and dry, squash, spices, and many other ingredients. This soup requires a lot of prep work: the fresh grains needs to shucked and cleaned, the salt cod needs to soak for 24 hours, the grains and vegetables are cooked separately. (Source:


I only wanted to eat, but the photo needed to be taken! The delicious dish you see is the traditional fanesca. credits: André Loor @simpolei

For this occasion I was in a more classic mood! The weather in Guayaquil changed a lot; we are now in the rainy season, so at the beginning I had a bright sun and then the sky turned out to gray and start to rain. So my boyfriend took very quickly some photos, I really hope you enjoy it! He is a very talented photographer but I am a really shy model, you will notice that in the picture…l  decided to match a bicolor dress (the flag of my city has both colors : white and light blue) with sandals of a blue color, a white Dumont hat and a brown leather bag. And then I stand in front of the three most emblematic churches in my city!


credits: André Loor @simpolei

El Descanso Music Festival 2016

I live in Guayaquil , a commercial port that is the Coast of Ecuador, so you will understand that whenseveral headaches or pain in the heart.  We are in an era where the globalization allows us to know the entire musical proposal that exists around the world! In Ecuador are many young bands that have moved from playing in garages to big music festivals like the Lollapalooza. There are well-known Ecuadorian festivals like the Quito Fest, El Carpazo, Fiesta de la música, El Funka Fest and some other. This time I attended to “El Descanso” Festival that was in a place named: Zona del Descanso, near the Cuenca city.


Ph: Simpol ei

Last week I travelled to Cuenca, to know a little more about the city and to go to this festival. Three of my favourite bands played there, and they totally rocked! I knew since the beginning that I will forget any shame and I will dance till it hurts! These were the bands: (La Máquina Camaleón, was invited the next year to the Lollapalooza Argentina)   (Legs) (Swing Original Monks)


Ph: Simpol ei


Ph: Simpol ei

This time I was for more than 3 days, because I wanted to see one of my nearest friends from the University. The nights in Cuenca are very cold, but you can make a lot of things. There was a fair near the center of Cuenca, where the people can find any handmade or artisanal stuff. At the fair they sold everything from clothes to food, so I tried there some candies with liqueur, which where definitely a burst of flavor in my mouth I move to the Highlands I have to calm myself a little bit in order to not suffer from headaches.

Sometimes It´s definitly good  to take a time off from all the noise and get lost in a different city!

Our journey to Cayambe!

Only two times in my life, i have to deal with a role in the production area of an audiovisual product. My first experience brought me a ton of anxiety , a multiple inside yelling, and a muscle contracture  ( I ended  in the clinic with an injection on my back) I though that it would be my last time as a production assistant, but indeed it may be a premonition of my real challenge in Ecua-Andino.

Since 4 years Ecua-Andino has presented all their collections through videos, and the evolution of each story is pretty obvious. This time the proposal was to disconnect of the cliche view that only involves our Ecuadorian hats and the sun. Our country does not only produce the bad well-known “Panama hats” but also the woolhats!  In my country there is a long mountain range named “Los Andes”, where there are a lot of volcanos and snow-covered mountains.


The chosen spot was the Cayambe Volcano, so I knew since the  beginning that it will be an odyssey. The chosen models were friends of mine, because we want to recreate like a trip between good acquaintances. As you may see in the video, we totally made it! Actually it was pretty good to have such proximity with the entire crew, so most of the reactions you see are genuine.  As we are people that are used to the warm weather, we had to first  acclimatize. But the fact is that we didn´t have so much time, so we travel as  total adventurers.

We made an stop in two places one in the Coast and the other in the Highlands, the first one was Bucay, that is well known for the Antique railroad that pases through this town and the waterfalls. The second one was in Colta, we took some photos outside the church and then we continue with the travel.


Credits: Margarita Vidal

We stayed at the Hacienda El Aliso, that was an “active farm, located at 3.100 m. of altitude, in the beautiful cloud forest at the base of the Cerro Blanco Reserve, nearby Otavalo in the Province of Imbabura. “ If you need extra information, go and check the link at the bottom.


Claudia Sánchez was the director of the video ;)


Selfie in the rocks


Credits: Margarita Vidal Models from left to right: David Valdez, Leira Araújo, me and Anahí Concari


Definitely the climax of the trip, was the hiking of the Cayambe Volcano. We felt a lot of strength, eventough the nervous was printed in our legs, we want to achieve that moment. So we forgot everything, the tempestuous cold wind,  the constant hand-shake, the grind of the teeth and the low oxigen.

The entire video is here:, enjoy it! ;)


People love denim but do I?

Last year the denim trend was so overrated, that I only read articles about the multiple ways of using your T-shirt and jeans. There were tons of people wearing the exactly type of outfit, with no difference than the shoes or the bags. So I was wondering how about to take this hyped-up trend and mix it with our hats?  


I decided to return to one of our emblematic places here in Guayaquil, Las Peñas, and take there some photos. Claudia, the daughter of my father´s partner, took the colourful pictures. Eventhough we were soo exposed to the sun, the time we have there was really worth it.


_MG_2588 _MG_2592


For this ocasion I wore a Desigual dress, black sandals and different models of hats with the aesthetic denim. You can find the models here:

People always sucumb to the enchantment of  denim and so do I! :D

Stay tuned and wait for my next article!



Are you ready for some exciting news?

In less than a week we will have our entire new video for the 2016 Gallery Collection.

In order to make a photo shoot it involves quite a great staff!


The entire team . From left to right : Ricky Cohete, Eduardo Aspiazu, Majo Paredes, Eloïse Cornu, Estefanía Ramón, Leira Araújo, me and my dad Alejandro.

 From Ricky Cohete (without any doubt the best Ecuadorian fashion photographer), our great models, María José Paredes & Eduardo Aspiazu, and an amazing production team (Eloïse, Estefanía, Leira and myself), everyone gave its 100% of involvement in the development of the video.

Ecua-Andino has been creating fashion videos since 2012 that not only show new hat collections, but also share a story. This time the locations were two of the sunniest places here in Ecuador, La Lobería and La Chocolatera. We started the day with a little failure (a flat tire), but it did not matter, after some good coconut and watermelon we were back on track. My friend Leira ()and I were in charge of the backstage pictures, it was very amusing to see us like annoying paparazzis behind Ricky most of the time.

For this occasion we were all wearing Panama Hats, it just seemed like a colorful walking rainbow.

I opted for a lookalike Bee outfit (yellow/black t-shirt), some denim shorts and a pair of simili Birkenstocks sandals, but my best choice was the electric yellow hat model by Ecua-Andino (can you spot the Toucan logo?)


You will see some pictures below,






Get prepared for the new video!



Blue is the prettiest color!

I recently received some advice from a family member to change the colors of my dark outfits. I have to confess that I love all the shades of cold colors just like blue for example. So (yes again!) I used a light blue pair of jeans, black casual sandals and a porcelain print blouse.

A few days ago was organized a bazar in my home country that took place for the weekend and where our Ecua-Andino Panama Hats were sold.



This littlemarket takes place approx two times a year, for Christmas and Mother’s day. The stands showed different types of products from Ecuador, such as jewelry, clothes, foods, cosmetics.

This time, it was taking place in the Teatro Sanchez Aguilar with an outstanding neoclassical architecture building.




That day I wore a light blue model hat that you can find just here ,

Keep in touch,

Andrea Lecaro


What can we do at night here in Guayaquil?

That’s the mainly question people ask me while visiting my country.

Some of my friends do complain about how little options for entertainment there are here. I think you only need to use a comfortable outfit (including of course your beloved Panama Hat) and take the city by storm!

The best advice is to discover these places in good company. Virgit (the owner of Preppyfashionist blog) and Krystell G. (who took the entire photos) were my companions during this evening. 


For the occasion, we went to two places located in one of our emblematic streets: Numa Pompilio LLona. The first one is the Arthur’s Cafe and the second one is an inspired bar named Rayuela, in honor of Julio Cortázar’s representative novel.

What I like most about the first bar?

Definitely the view on the river and the harbor. The decoration here is kind of vintage and navy-oriented, it has an eye-catching table (actually it’s a bathtub), and also some vintage furniture like a radio, a record player, chairs…. On weekends they also play live music.

The addresse is here: Numa Pompilio Llona 127



What I like most about the second bar?

When you enter in Rayuela, you find a very bohemian atmosphere surrounded by good music.  On the walls there a some relevant quotes of the book and the illumination is through cute candles and soft lights. We ate the mountain of nachos and chile ( it was pretty (amazingly) good) and also had a cocktail.  

An important fact here is that you should made some reservations, because normally there are a lot of people that go there.

Follow them on Facebook:



For this occasion I wore a black blouse, a flowered pencil skirt and clogs, but without doubt my best election was the splash black model Ecua-Andino Hat that I chose (collection 2014).

Stay in touch,


11137662_10153550446361996_1766257521_o (1)

Are you not quite sure of the weather?


These days my city, Guayaquil has a weather that changes very dramatically.  Last Tuesday I wanted to take some photos with an outfit that I really liked it, and you know what? The raindrops began to fall and at that moment the only  two things I was thinking about was: 1) I only need a single photo of my oufit (the hat must be photographed) 2) Smile-eventhought-you know you are getting totally wet. 

11103641_10153550448406996_1989823557_o (1)

 The sky was totally cloudy and I was a little disapointed, but nevermind I think I got at least some good photos and hope you like it. The only light above my head was a lighthouse (surely you will notice that).

11136435_10153550447411996_130015770_o (2)

Perhaps you will tell me how did I do to keep my Panama Hat dry? I will tell you a little secret… (Ecua-Andino’s 2015 collection launched a special plastic protection for the hat, you will see the photo below)

urban invierno

So if you want to go out, but are not quite sure of the weather, don’t worry there’s always a solution to it.

For this occasion I wore a casual pair of jeans, some black sandals and a black striped blouse. But my best election was the urban style model hatfor my head.

You can find it here.

Keep in touch,



Pics by Virgit Canaz (


Go to Mono Goloso and bon appétit!

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to share with you a little secret…I must tell you that even if I am super skinny I just love food above all (except above books of course).

This is why I really enjoy to discover new places to eat around the city.

On Monday I went to a really nice place here in Guayaquil, named Mono Goloso. I found them on and since last month I REALLY wanted to taste their desserts and pastries. The decoration is very minimalist, Art Nouveau (Toulouse Lautrec look alike posters), and quite cozy.


For this occasion I wore a beautiful polka dot  dress with a red Panama hat, you can find it here.

I definitely recommend you to have a coffee break there, with friends or family. It fits for any occasion and do try their Chocolatine, a dream! If you want a warm croissant go early on the morning, that´s my best advice for you.


See you soon for more articles.

Andrea Lecaro