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Do you want to have a “Suin romanticón”?


Last Friday I went to one of my favorites bands concert “Monsieur Periné” (a Colombian band). At the beginning I was a little afraid to be the only one going there (some of my friends did not like the group and the others could not go). But one thing was pretty sure, I would be listening to them with my Panama Hat. No matter if I was alone, that night I would be the dancing queen.  I had a very busy week, and all I wanted was to enjoy a marvelous night. And I really did! 


Picture by Vicho Gaibor

First, there were two Ecuadorian musicians: one singer named Ricardo Pita and another band named Salú, both had a great swing. When Catalina, the vocalist of Monsieur Periné, arrived on stage, she  not only sang all my favorites songs, but she also interacted with all the public. Her personality catched our attention a lot, and in the backstage when I told her I loved the band, she told me: “I saw you were singing all night” and then she HUGGED ME <3 But the best part you know what it was? : I GAVE HER MY HAT. Unfortunately I only have a blurred image L because there were lots of people there that pushed me away.

foto ricardo bohorquez

Picture by Ricardo Bohorquez

At the end of the concert I was so tired of jumping, dancing and singing, that believe me or not when I came home I just fell on my bed like a brick.

You can find the hat here:

And in case you didn’t know their music have a look at this link:




First of all, I´m so sorry for the delayed post. I had quite a busy month, but I promise to you that I will be writing more in the future. Yesterday, I went to a very beautiful and emblematic place here in Guayaquil, Ecuador called Las Peñas. The houses are known for their colonial architecture, located on the slopes of Cerro Santa Ana.
A very important fact of this place is that at the beginning it was the home of mainly fishermen and craftsmen – and since the cocoa boom of the 20’s, the sector was gradually occupied by wealthy landowners, who built most of the houses of aristocratic style that are there today. The district is crossed by the street Numa Pompilio Llona and in the year of 1982 it was declared as cultural heritage of Ecuador, because of the hundred year old houses. The cultural background of this place is very impresive, it was the home of famous writers, painters, and also presidents here in Ecuador.
lI visited it with the company of my boyfriend, he took the photos and encouraged me to smile even tough I was a little shy. You will find below some photos.
The weather was cloudly, but nothing can stop me from using my beloved Panama hat by Ecua-Andino. I wore a T-shirt that I customized myself with a printed face of one of my special Argentinian writers, Julio Cortázar, a black skirt and ballerina flats. But without a doubt my best choise was the hat with the wine color.
You can match any outfit with the correct Panama hat and no matter if the sky is gloomy you will alway look very stylish.
You can find the model here.
Andrea Lecaro.


Last Friday, I and a couple of friends visited Cuenca, one of the most small but beautiful cities of Ecuador. For this trip I chose the handsol hat model of the 2014 collection, Levi´s jeans, Tennis shoes and a pullover from Otavalo. During the weekend the city held two special events, Quitofest and the Orchid Film Festival. With more than 100 local and 50 internacional bands, 80.000 spectators, and 11 years of history, Quitofest is the biggest independent music event of Ecuador.  On the other hand, the Orchid Film Festival is a launching pad of intercultural exchange for worldwide producers, directors, writers, graphic designers, actors and aspiring students. The arrival of characters of international stature makes the Orchid Film Festival, for filmmakers and Ecuadorians abroad, a great attraction.
JAWe stayed in the Casa Del Río Hostal, near one an emblematic river of Cuenca, Tomebamba River. The view was pretty; the room was quiet and relaxing.  We were near Calle Larga (Long Street), where you can find many restaurants, bars and museums.
At our arrival a friend picked up and invited us to eat tacos. At night, we did tour of the old and modern parts of the city and we ate ice-creams in front of the cathedral.
On Saturday we took a tour bus, some photos were taken by my boyfriend José and my friend Leira. When we arrived to the viewpoint “El Turi”, the guide offered us a typical beverage “canelazo” (hot cocktail with cinnamon schnapps), due to the cold weather of Cuenca. We ended up in the stadium Alejandro Serrano Aguilar for the Quitofest.
A funny fact is that one of the photographers of Quitofest asked me to take a picture of my outfit, since my hat was drawing everyone´s attention. That reminded me of the difference between using this lovely hat and not. It was also a good decision, because the sunlight is strong on Ecuadorian highlands.
yopiOn Sunday morning we bought native handicrafts on Calle Larga and also some sweets on Concepta´s Church. Later we went to the Orchid Film Festival in “Casa de la Cultura” and after watching the movie “Belle Époque”, we were fortunate enough to meet the Spanish director Fernando Trueba. The travel was very entertaining and I did a lot of things, but without doubt the best part was sharing this experience with you guys, because it made me enjoy the trip twice!
Andrea Lecaro.
* I give a special thanks to José Manuel Ramírez and Eloïse Cornu, my work partners , for the english edition.