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Sun, sun, sun, here it comes!


Ecuador is in a very blessed position, all the year we have  a plenty sun in the sky. So for this ocassion i decided to post about a quick trip I made to a beach named General Villamil. This beach is located very close from Guayaquil, aprox one hour and a half. Maybe the night life is not so evident like in other ecuadorian seaboards, but the township is working on this point.




There are several places to eat seafood ( I went to La Ostra que fuma, they have one of the best dishes like the gratin oyster).

Address:Township of Playas, Street 8

 If you are a desserts lover, you have to visit  » La Casa de Marie et Gabriel»,  and ask them for their lemon pie, coconut flan, chocolate cake and other pretty deliciuos stuff.

Adress: Ave. Jaime Roldós Aguilera, angled to «la Madre de Playas» park.

 I went in company of two good friends, one of them took all the photos / @JossKat.  I have to admited that eventhough we live in a warm country, we don´t always have the chance to go to the beach, so when I arrived to Playas I decided to go directly to the sea. I wore a classic light blue model hat, you can find it here,  and my favourite pair of sandals, the Eco Panama Sandals and a long white blouse with some red embroidery.


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Hi guys,

Just a little note about when I discovered the Polyvore amazing website and that I realized it would help me a lot with ???. I have always had fun with my sisters clicking on a product image and instantly having it in my closet (at least this app gives me a virtual experience on how I would look like with these outfits).

As my daily options I prefer to dress casual (most of my clothes are black, grey or blue) but this year I decided to start using more colorful clothes. I let you some examples on how to combine the must-have hat of the season, a Panama Hat and some nice apparel.


ropa3 ropa5 ropa4 ropa2 ropa1 ropa6

You can find the entire models here,

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What can we do at night here in Guayaquil?

That’s the mainly question people ask me while visiting my country.

Some of my friends do complain about how little options for entertainment there are here. I think you only need to use a comfortable outfit (including of course your beloved Panama Hat) and take the city by storm!

The best advice is to discover these places in good company. Virgit (the owner of Preppyfashionist blog) and Krystell G. (who took the entire photos) were my companions during this evening. 


For the occasion, we went to two places located in one of our emblematic streets: Numa Pompilio LLona. The first one is the Arthur’s Cafe and the second one is an inspired bar named Rayuela, in honor of Julio Cortázar’s representative novel.

What I like most about the first bar?

Definitely the view on the river and the harbor. The decoration here is kind of vintage and navy-oriented, it has an eye-catching table (actually it’s a bathtub), and also some vintage furniture like a radio, a record player, chairs…. On weekends they also play live music.

The addresse is here: Numa Pompilio Llona 127



What I like most about the second bar?

When you enter in Rayuela, you find a very bohemian atmosphere surrounded by good music.  On the walls there a some relevant quotes of the book and the illumination is through cute candles and soft lights. We ate the mountain of nachos and chile ( it was pretty (amazingly) good) and also had a cocktail.  

An important fact here is that you should made some reservations, because normally there are a lot of people that go there.

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For this occasion I wore a black blouse, a flowered pencil skirt and clogs, but without doubt my best election was the splash black model Ecua-Andino Hat that I chose (collection 2014).

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Are you not quite sure of the weather?


These days my city, Guayaquil has a weather that changes very dramatically.  Last Tuesday I wanted to take some photos with an outfit that I really liked it, and you know what? The raindrops began to fall and at that moment the only  two things I was thinking about was: 1) I only need a single photo of my oufit (the hat must be photographed) 2) Smile-eventhought-you know you are getting totally wet. 

11103641_10153550448406996_1989823557_o (1)

 The sky was totally cloudy and I was a little disapointed, but nevermind I think I got at least some good photos and hope you like it. The only light above my head was a lighthouse (surely you will notice that).

11136435_10153550447411996_130015770_o (2)

Perhaps you will tell me how did I do to keep my Panama Hat dry? I will tell you a little secret… (Ecua-Andino’s 2015 collection launched a special plastic protection for the hat, you will see the photo below)

urban invierno

So if you want to go out, but are not quite sure of the weather, don’t worry there’s always a solution to it.

For this occasion I wore a casual pair of jeans, some black sandals and a black striped blouse. But my best election was the urban style model hatfor my head.

You can find it here.

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Pics by Virgit Canaz (