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Blue is the prettiest color!

I recently received some advice from a family member to change the colors of my dark outfits. I have to confess that I love all the shades of cold colors just like blue for example. So (yes again!) I used a light blue pair of jeans, black casual sandals and a porcelain print blouse.

A few days ago was organized a bazar in my home country that took place for the weekend and where our Ecua-Andino Panama Hats were sold.



This littlemarket takes place approx two times a year, for Christmas and Mother’s day. The stands showed different types of products from Ecuador, such as jewelry, clothes, foods, cosmetics.

This time, it was taking place in the Teatro Sanchez Aguilar with an outstanding neoclassical architecture building.




That day I wore a light blue model hat that you can find just here ,

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Andrea Lecaro