Archivo por meses: junio 2015

Are you ready for some exciting news?

In less than a week we will have our entire new video for the 2016 Gallery Collection.

In order to make a photo shoot it involves quite a great staff!


The entire team . From left to right : Ricky Cohete, Eduardo Aspiazu, Majo Paredes, Eloïse Cornu, Estefanía Ramón, Leira Araújo, me and my dad Alejandro.

 From Ricky Cohete (without any doubt the best Ecuadorian fashion photographer), our great models, María José Paredes & Eduardo Aspiazu, and an amazing production team (Eloïse, Estefanía, Leira and myself), everyone gave its 100% of involvement in the development of the video.

Ecua-Andino has been creating fashion videos since 2012 that not only show new hat collections, but also share a story. This time the locations were two of the sunniest places here in Ecuador, La Lobería and La Chocolatera. We started the day with a little failure (a flat tire), but it did not matter, after some good coconut and watermelon we were back on track. My friend Leira ()and I were in charge of the backstage pictures, it was very amusing to see us like annoying paparazzis behind Ricky most of the time.

For this occasion we were all wearing Panama Hats, it just seemed like a colorful walking rainbow.

I opted for a lookalike Bee outfit (yellow/black t-shirt), some denim shorts and a pair of simili Birkenstocks sandals, but my best choice was the electric yellow hat model by Ecua-Andino (can you spot the Toucan logo?)


You will see some pictures below,






Get prepared for the new video!