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«Blues in my soul»

Yesterday it was a very blues day. The Ecuadorian American center in Guayaquil, organized a musical event where Blues was the main protagonist of the night. They brought the amazing guitarist and singer Lurrie Bell. The concert started on time (7:10 pm) and finished approx. one hour and a half later.


Lurrie Bell began to play guitar at age of six, and in his adolescence he glazed his skills playing with some legends of Chicago blues set like Eddie Taylor and Big Walter Horton. Even though Bell´s career seems to be going forwards through the years, he won so much attention of the people, that later he developed some emotional problems and also drug abuse, that didn´t let him to perform with his normally skills.

Fortunately he passed all this path and return to delight us with his God-touched fingers. Additionally in 2014 he won a Blues Music Award for his track «Blues in my Soul», in the ‘Song of the Year’ category. Bell was also nominated for a similar award in four other categories. This year he won a Blues Music Award in the ‘Traditional Blues Male Artist’ category.


I attended to the event in company of my dad, and we have the infinite pleasure of giving him one of our precious hats (there were also other hats for the members of his band). They played the entire concert with our iconic hat, and songs like “Let´s talk about love” gave us chills of excitement. Everyone enjoyed their performance and you could see the audience clapping their hands and moving their feet according to the beat.


I used for this occasion a Bershka dress, black sandals, a cardigan Lu by Lolita such as a white classic Panama Hat (but never mind). You can find it here.


There are a lot of things more important to use like a big smile when you met such an artist.

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Andrea Lecaro