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1 Year of Panamaholic!

Whaaaaaaat? My blog has already a year? I can´t believe it!

When I started this journey I had printed on my mind that it wouldn´t be definitely like the other fashion blogs. So I made 4 sections that let me have some creativity and also self-expression: PLACES, HAT FICTION HATS EVERYWHERE, HAT ART. Since the beginning I want to express throughout my posts not the typical advice “You should wear this o the trends are”, so I propose myself to show my readers, that the only different statement in their outfits can be the good choice of a Panama hat. My clothes most of the time were casual and I didn´t reveal where they come from, because for me was kind of useless.

What I achieved this year? Well, more confidence of course. I want to give God a special thanks for all the surprises during this 2015 (an important magazine here in Ecuador named “Hola”, made an article about my blog and the labour I play in Ecua-Andino), also  I have been making some good friends such as  Krysthell Ganin, one of the most humble and prolific Ecuadorian photographers  and Virgit Canaz, one of the most impressive Ecuadorian fashion bloggers). Eventhough there were stressful times or sadly moments, this 2015 brought me the joy of having a supporting family, that gave me many advices and loyal friends that helped me.

I gained experience but most of all I decided to follow a path,  that will bring me tons of joy I hope. I have to admit that I need more commitment with the articles and also to post more, so my goal for this New Year it will be definitely to get more involved with my blog.


ph: Rubén Ruata @rubenruatab

I hope you have the best new year!