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Our journey to Cayambe!

Only two times in my life, i have to deal with a role in the production area of an audiovisual product. My first experience brought me a ton of anxiety , a multiple inside yelling, and a muscle contracture  ( I ended  in the clinic with an injection on my back) I though that it would be my last time as a production assistant, but indeed it may be a premonition of my real challenge in Ecua-Andino.

Since 4 years Ecua-Andino has presented all their collections through videos, and the evolution of each story is pretty obvious. This time the proposal was to disconnect of the cliche view that only involves our Ecuadorian hats and the sun. Our country does not only produce the bad well-known “Panama hats” but also the woolhats!  In my country there is a long mountain range named “Los Andes”, where there are a lot of volcanos and snow-covered mountains.


The chosen spot was the Cayambe Volcano, so I knew since the  beginning that it will be an odyssey. The chosen models were friends of mine, because we want to recreate like a trip between good acquaintances. As you may see in the video, we totally made it! Actually it was pretty good to have such proximity with the entire crew, so most of the reactions you see are genuine.  As we are people that are used to the warm weather, we had to first  acclimatize. But the fact is that we didn´t have so much time, so we travel as  total adventurers.

We made an stop in two places one in the Coast and the other in the Highlands, the first one was Bucay, that is well known for the Antique railroad that pases through this town and the waterfalls. The second one was in Colta, we took some photos outside the church and then we continue with the travel.


Credits: Margarita Vidal

We stayed at the Hacienda El Aliso, that was an “active farm, located at 3.100 m. of altitude, in the beautiful cloud forest at the base of the Cerro Blanco Reserve, nearby Otavalo in the Province of Imbabura. “ If you need extra information, go and check the link at the bottom.


Claudia Sánchez was the director of the video 😉


Selfie in the rocks


Credits: Margarita Vidal Models from left to right: David Valdez, Leira Araújo, me and Anahí Concari


Definitely the climax of the trip, was the hiking of the Cayambe Volcano. We felt a lot of strength, eventough the nervous was printed in our legs, we want to achieve that moment. So we forgot everything, the tempestuous cold wind,  the constant hand-shake, the grind of the teeth and the low oxigen.

The entire video is here:, enjoy it! 😉