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El Descanso Music Festival 2016

I live in Guayaquil , a commercial port that is the Coast of Ecuador, so you will understand that whenseveral headaches or pain in the heart.  We are in an era where the globalization allows us to know the entire musical proposal that exists around the world! In Ecuador are many young bands that have moved from playing in garages to big music festivals like the Lollapalooza. There are well-known Ecuadorian festivals like the Quito Fest, El Carpazo, Fiesta de la música, El Funka Fest and some other. This time I attended to “El Descanso” Festival that was in a place named: Zona del Descanso, near the Cuenca city.


Ph: Simpol ei

Last week I travelled to Cuenca, to know a little more about the city and to go to this festival. Three of my favourite bands played there, and they totally rocked! I knew since the beginning that I will forget any shame and I will dance till it hurts! These were the bands: (La Máquina Camaleón, was invited the next year to the Lollapalooza Argentina)   (Legs) (Swing Original Monks)


Ph: Simpol ei


Ph: Simpol ei

This time I was for more than 3 days, because I wanted to see one of my nearest friends from the University. The nights in Cuenca are very cold, but you can make a lot of things. There was a fair near the center of Cuenca, where the people can find any handmade or artisanal stuff. At the fair they sold everything from clothes to food, so I tried there some candies with liqueur, which where definitely a burst of flavor in my mouth I move to the Highlands I have to calm myself a little bit in order to not suffer from headaches.

Sometimes It´s definitly good  to take a time off from all the noise and get lost in a different city!


I will come back


I know I have not written any article from a while.This year I passed through a very strange and difficult period of inner silence and that also reflects on my blog. I must be sincere when I say that I hate all that stuff that related with the self-help or the programs and people who encourage you to move forward even though you know you are under mood swings. Albert Camus said (the quote is translated):” to remain alone in Paris for a year in a miserable room teaches a man more than a hundred literary salons”. In my case to remain alone in my room almost one year, help me to recognize my breaking points and also to understand my chaotic mind.

I think that there are a lot of signs around me that must be checked very carefully, the development of my blog is one of them.  I love to read, believe me when I say that there were weeks when I read more than 5 books at the same time ( the Literature classes were pretty charged) The writing path is sometimes a little bit tortuous, intricate and also demand a lot of time. So I decide today to bury the procrastination specter that is always above me!

Now I can formerly change the status in my blog, I´m not longer a “Literature student” but a Bachelor in Literature. There is a quote here in my country that is: the time is short and never returns back!  I have a lot of disposition now, so let´s restart the journey and I hope I will have your lecture and feedback very soon…