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That time of the year…


The red  is definitely one the colors you will probably not find in any of my posts…I´m a natural blue lover, with a particular liking for the black and white color. But we are finally in that time of the year where the sparkle and the twinkling lights begin to appear and a lot of simultaneous things in green and red color flood the shelves. So I get this wonderful hat and think: why not? The anti-holiday mood should not be an impediment for me!


Yes, the plants behind me are the toquilla palms….

Most of The Grinch people or the Advent haters succumb to the paraphernalia of the Christmas.  In Ecuador, as a nation with a Judeo-Christian view, the holidays are celebrated with a lot of excitement and a huge sense of solidarity for the ones who at Christmas Eve would not have any presents or a “decent dinner”.


I don´t like to show my entire face and smile, but nevermind…

This year is almost ending and I will take important resolutions that without doubt are going to affect the entire  perspective of my blog, thanks for reading me and stay tuned for the news…


Leave me any comment about your Christmas impressions,