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It´s time to adopt!

Nowadays there are plenty of celebrities and other famous people with an entire nature and animal awareness. They claim through their social networks the importance of not shopping but adopting a pet!   A significant number of them post almost every week a picture of the beloved member of the family. As an example we can find on the Instagram of the singer Miley Cyrus, the multiple images of her entire adopted pets or also the Australian Shepherd dog that the actress Amanda Segfried rescued:

miley  amanda

There are a lot of animal shelters all around the world, that takes care of abandoned or bad-treated dogs and cats. In Ecuador for example we have the “Rescate Animal”, “Arca”, “PAE” or “Fada” foundations, where many volunteers move heaven and earth to obtain collaborations and donations.

Last year in Ecuador we have an event that moved every one of us in multiple ways! The earthquake of the 16th April, leave not only many losses and damages , but also a lot of pets without protection.  The Rescate animal´s foundation started a campaign to give all this loving pets a new home!

Ecua-Andino released four years ago, an entire collection focused on them; the name was “Pet Art collection” and was dedicated to all this beloved members of the family who takes care of ourselves and give us their company 24/ 7 hours a day!  The company was aware of the importance of adopting, so they started last year an alliance with this foundation, where every person who adopts immediately received one hand painted hat. That stimulated many to not only gain a brand new hat, but also to keep this beautiful memory of connecting visually their pet with an accessory in their heads!

In this month the foundation made a special work day for any people who wanted to adopt . They received one iconic Ecuadorian hat!

The experience was really marvelous and it was pretty relaxing and calming to see a lot of dogs moving freely by the place.


credits: Simpol ei