Archivo por meses: noviembre 2022

Hello, how have you been?


In Cuenca, I had some cold days, but the last Saturday we had a sunny day, so I explored the city with my sister, who visited me this weekend.

We walked near the Tomebamba river, passed over the bridge «Vivas nos queremos» and went to the park «la Madre».

I love this city, because of the great number of places you can visit. You will find in Cuenca many parks and a lot of places to rest.  I had a lot of work lately, so as a way of self-care I decided to disconnect from everything on the weekends.

Some activities that I enjoy are reading, writing, going out for a breath of fresh air in the parks, buying myself a dessert, drinking a matcha latte, going out with friends, dancing, or doing anything else. I only try to respect my time and how I spent it because there is always the sense of being productive and having no rest.

Soon we will be in the last month of the year, and I´m really excited about all that I have achieved this year. I have many plans for the next year, but I believe you have to live one day at a time.

I also have been a little nervous, because I will have to make a conference about Literature in one of the most well-known universities here in Cuenca, but I´m feeling very confortable with the research that I make.  Hope everything goes well!

I´m back, yes, after several years…


I don´t remember the last time that I wrote an article for Panamaholic. Several things passed in my life, I left Guayaquil 3 years ago and began to live alone in Cuenca. Do you remember that I even wrote an article about this marvelous city? I also became a Literature teacher, but after many stressful situations, I declined and instead preferred to be a Copywriter and a journalist for a very important Magazine on design, culture, architecture, and gastronomy.  


This blog was a sort of relief place for me, I wrote about many topics but there was a moment when the idea of writing it just didn’t make any sense to me and I left everything behind. My only thought was to move forward. So, at that time I focused on education and Literature, and I left behind any sort of relation with hats and fashion. I lost my path and had an existential crisis, everything seemed to be very monotonous and boring for me. Thus, I thought that I needed to change of place and routines, and decided to read more and teach everyone at the school in a better way. For me fashion was a tool of expression, I really enjoyed reading and learning about clothes and the style of people, but unfortunately, later I realized that I didn’t have any satisfaction with that, and became really sad. When I changed the environment, everything took its rightful place, and eventually, I started to think that maybe being a teacher was my purpose.


Then the pandemic came, and everything changed. Suddenly I realized that it was time to move to another job. Through the years, I realized something: Ecua-Andino is a vital part of me, even though I´m not longer working in the office with my family, I still appeared in the videos, I followed the growth of the brand and became excited when my sisters tell me any big news. After talking with my father, I decided to write again for the blog, as a way of contributing to all the love I have received all over the years.

For this occasion, I chose a hat that really represents me, the Ecuador hat. I asked my older sister to take pictures of me in the forest, near the Yanuncay river, one of my happiest places here in Cuenca. The photo is not professional, but I love the colors and how natural I look. In November, our football team is going to play at the Fifa World Cup and I´m really excited. So, let’s crossed our fingers and pray to be at least in the round of 16.