Archivo por meses: marzo 2023

A day in my chaotic and beloved city Guayaquil


There is a peculiar and undeniable bond between my friends and me because I feel I can´t live without them. I’m currently living in Cuenca, and most of them live in another city or other countries. Nowadays I’m used to talking through messages or video calls, but every time we meet, I think that I instantly live again. Two weeks ago, my best friend Leira came to Ecuador, and I knew it was a special time to walk through Guayaquil and visit the best spots.

So, we went to Panama street (one of the most tourist places there) and ate at the Central Restaurant, then we visited the Biblioteca de las Artes, a huge library with many books. As we were both Literature students, you will understand the fascination behind getting lost in that place. I must confess that in this building you will find undoubtedly one of the best views of the city and it is a very aesthetic place to take some photos.


After that, I visited with my dad two expositions at MAAC, one about the art developed in Guayaquil through one century and the other about some photos of the World Press Photo. We both have serious doubts about contemporary art, but at least we learned something new, we laughed and enjoy to look the different sculptures, paintings, and photos.




For this occasion, I wore my timeless classic Panama Hat with a special ribbon made in collab with a Japanese brand and a black dress with vans, I don´t think it was the right choice because the weather was very warm, but never mind it was a wonderful day. In the next few months, I will have to take different decisions, so you will receive very soon, exciting news about my future!