Archivo por meses: marzo 2024

My last week on Cuenca

My time in Cuenca has come to an end. I lived there for about 5 years, had the most beautiful days in this cold city, and made some good friends. Something that I learned was to leave the impostor syndrome that I had since university. I started to believe in my writing and the positive impact I have with my voice. As a copy editor and also a journalist, life surprises me with interviews of very interesting and game-changing people: some of them were writers, other architects, chefs, designers, biologists, etc. I learned to understand other perspectives and put some order to the immense river of words I had inside me.

During my last week in Cuenca, I decided to visit one of the most important events of the year: The XVI Art Biennale. All along the city, there were different headquarters with expositions and creations of various artists from around the world. At each venue, there was the opportunity to intervene in certain works and also play with the exhibition space. For this edition, more than 25 national and international artists participated with works that highlighted the various social problems affecting Latin America. Illustrations, sculptures, videos, photos, and various artistic creations proposed a sensory approach to the different points of view.