Panama Hat DIY

We can all recognize the classic outline  of a Panama Hat. In fact, it might be the only hat model with the natural/beige color and shape completely sticked on our mind…but what happens when we decide to take this singular hat and make an entire change with it?

In 2013, Ecua-Andino organized during a whole week few events that promoted artistic activities around our iconic hat, the event was named “Sombrero-Arte” and took place in our Central Arts Theatre. The main purpose of this gathering was to showcase our cultural heritage and artistic background.


Here is a quote from Carole and Nigel, journalists from the legendary English Hat Magazine:

”The evening brought together a rare combination of talents, and the hats decorated and worn by the audience far exceeded the expectations of the judging panel. Eventually six finalist were chosen, and from these a winner! The programme of song, poetry and music, combined to make this a unique evening of friendship and cultural artistry, based on a heritage”


There are so many possibilities for your inner expression, and you do not need to be the greatest painter on earth or the next Van Gogh. Everyone has a lot of or a little bit of creativity, so why don’t you try it out…use some art materials, choose a Panama Hat and start to decorate it?


Soon I will be posting a picture of my very own one!



Keep in touch!

Andrea Lecaro

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