Do you want to have a “Suin romanticón”?


Last Friday I went to one of my favorites bands concert “Monsieur Periné” (a Colombian band). At the beginning I was a little afraid to be the only one going there (some of my friends did not like the group and the others could not go). But one thing was pretty sure, I would be listening to them with my Panama Hat. No matter if I was alone, that night I would be the dancing queen.  I had a very busy week, and all I wanted was to enjoy a marvelous night. And I really did! 


Picture by Vicho Gaibor

First, there were two Ecuadorian musicians: one singer named Ricardo Pita and another band named Salú, both had a great swing. When Catalina, the vocalist of Monsieur Periné, arrived on stage, she  not only sang all my favorites songs, but she also interacted with all the public. Her personality catched our attention a lot, and in the backstage when I told her I loved the band, she told me: “I saw you were singing all night” and then she HUGGED ME <3 But the best part you know what it was? : I GAVE HER MY HAT. Unfortunately I only have a blurred image L because there were lots of people there that pushed me away.

foto ricardo bohorquez

Picture by Ricardo Bohorquez

At the end of the concert I was so tired of jumping, dancing and singing, that believe me or not when I came home I just fell on my bed like a brick.

You can find the hat here:

And in case you didn’t know their music have a look at this link:


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