Do you remember Tom?

This is my first post in the Hat fiction section.   

As I Literature student and fashion lover, I wanted to mix both worlds as French designer Olympia Le Tan did with her book clutches.


Moreover, I realized how most classic novels are full of details in the way writers describe the characters outfits, and many of us remember “Jay Gatsby, standing outside his darkening mansion in that «gorgeous pink rag of a suit» or Anna Karenina at a ball, elegant in velvet, Venetian lace and a garland of pansies; Holly Golightly, effortlessly chic in dark glasses, a slim cool black dress, black sandals, a pearl choker». (Gordon, 2009)

So I was wondering how to start, and then I thought about my first childhood literature character, the legendary “Tom Sawyer”. This iconic Mark Twain´s character appeared in my life when I was 12 years old. I will always remember the big pink book with that special cover. The story captivated me a lot, and I would imagine that I was part of Tom’s Sawyer gang (maybe Becky…who knows?) .


Do you recognize this part of the story? 

 You know what’s cool? Ecua-Andino also has a model called Tom Sawyer, frayed on the brim and with a casual look, perfect for a day in the countryside.

You can find this model here

Let’s stay in touch and don’t forget to feed back with comments,

Andrea Lecaro


Gordon, Helen. (2009) Off to page: Fashion in Literature.

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