Go to Mono Goloso and bon appétit!

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to share with you a little secret…I must tell you that even if I am super skinny I just love food above all (except above books of course).

This is why I really enjoy to discover new places to eat around the city.

On Monday I went to a really nice place here in Guayaquil, named Mono Goloso. I found them on www.facebook.com/elmonogoloso and since last month I REALLY wanted to taste their desserts and pastries. The decoration is very minimalist, Art Nouveau (Toulouse Lautrec look alike posters), and quite cozy.


For this occasion I wore a beautiful polka dot  dress with a red Panama hat, you can find it here.

I definitely recommend you to have a coffee break there, with friends or family. It fits for any occasion and do try their Chocolatine, a dream! If you want a warm croissant go early on the morning, that´s my best advice for you.


See you soon for more articles.

Andrea Lecaro


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