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Are you not quite sure of the weather?


These days my city, Guayaquil has a weather that changes very dramatically.  Last Tuesday I wanted to take some photos with an outfit that I really liked it, and you know what? The raindrops began to fall and at that moment the only  two things I was thinking about was: 1) I only need a single photo of my oufit (the hat must be photographed) 2) Smile-eventhought-you know you are getting totally wet. 

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 The sky was totally cloudy and I was a little disapointed, but nevermind I think I got at least some good photos and hope you like it. The only light above my head was a lighthouse (surely you will notice that).

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Perhaps you will tell me how did I do to keep my Panama Hat dry? I will tell you a little secret… (Ecua-Andino’s 2015 collection launched a special plastic protection for the hat, you will see the photo below)

urban invierno

So if you want to go out, but are not quite sure of the weather, don’t worry there’s always a solution to it.

For this occasion I wore a casual pair of jeans, some black sandals and a black striped blouse. But my best election was the urban style model hatfor my head.

You can find it here.

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Pics by Virgit Canaz (www.preppyfashionist.com)

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