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Hi guys,

Just a little note about when I discovered the Polyvore amazing website and that I realized it would help me a lot with ???. I have always had fun with my sisters clicking on a product image and instantly having it in my closet (at least this app gives me a virtual experience on how I would look like with these outfits).

As my daily options I prefer to dress casual (most of my clothes are black, grey or blue) but this year I decided to start using more colorful clothes. I let you some examples on how to combine the must-have hat of the season, a Panama Hat and some nice apparel.


ropa3 ropa5 ropa4 ropa2 ropa1 ropa6

You can find the entire models here,

Stay in touch,


Un pensamiento en “Click and start!

  1. Andrea Autor

    Dear Fer,
    Are you from Ecuador? I love my country very much and in fact you are totally right . But if the name of the blog would be ecuadorholic? (would you recognize it as a blog of our iconic hats? Perhaps you would think that is about the tourism here in Ecuador ) I invite you to read an article I wrote about this issue:
    If you any other comments please don´t hesitate to do it,



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