Sun, sun, sun, here it comes!


Ecuador is in a very blessed position, all the year we have  a plenty sun in the sky. So for this ocassion i decided to post about a quick trip I made to a beach named General Villamil. This beach is located very close from Guayaquil, aprox one hour and a half. Maybe the night life is not so evident like in other ecuadorian seaboards, but the township is working on this point.




There are several places to eat seafood ( I went to La Ostra que fuma, they have one of the best dishes like the gratin oyster).

Address:Township of Playas, Street 8

 If you are a desserts lover, you have to visit  ” La Casa de Marie et Gabriel”,  and ask them for their lemon pie, coconut flan, chocolate cake and other pretty deliciuos stuff.

Adress: Ave. Jaime Roldós Aguilera, angled to “la Madre de Playas” park.

 I went in company of two good friends, one of them took all the photos / @JossKat.  I have to admited that eventhough we live in a warm country, we don´t always have the chance to go to the beach, so when I arrived to Playas I decided to go directly to the sea. I wore a classic light blue model hat, you can find it here,  and my favourite pair of sandals, the Eco Panama Sandals and a long white blouse with some red embroidery.


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