Hi all,
I can´t believe we are in December, so close to Christmas! I´m sure everyone already have their gift list ready. In my case as a Literature student I would love to receive tons of books.
But… wouldn’t it be awesome if you received a lovely Panama hat as gift? I know it can be a strange idea in winter time, but at least in Ecuador, we don’t actually have any snow on winter, instead it is all sunny and bright (I know, did not intend to make you jealous).
For the people that live in sunny places like me, I recommend you our entire color range of Panama hats and for the ones that will enjoy a terrific winter, you can always wait for the spring to finally come.
My favorite hat models  for the season are these two. I love blue color (isn´t it obvius?):
tumblr_inline_ng4kx4IdAe1qfh26bYou can find them here.
My advice for you guys is that using a Panama hat sounds good for every occasion.  There are a lot of models and special moments for wearing the iconic accessory.
Andrea Lecaro.

2 pensamientos en “ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS TIME!

  1. Lilibeth

    Thanks Andrea for your amazing blog! I consider myself as a hat lover but I was afraid to wear them in my country because of what people could say about it. But because of your blog and all your useful advices I feel challenged to be confident about my own style and don’t worry too much about others opinions.
    Thanks again and I’m exiting for the next post!

    PS: I love all your outfits! You look like a model in every shot!


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