I will come back


I know I have not written any article from a while.This year I passed through a very strange and difficult period of inner silence and that also reflects on my blog. I must be sincere when I say that I hate all that stuff that related with the self-help or the programs and people who encourage you to move forward even though you know you are under mood swings. Albert Camus said (the quote is translated):” to remain alone in Paris for a year in a miserable room teaches a man more than a hundred literary salons”. In my case to remain alone in my room almost one year, help me to recognize my breaking points and also to understand my chaotic mind.

I think that there are a lot of signs around me that must be checked very carefully, the development of my blog is one of them.  I love to read, believe me when I say that there were weeks when I read more than 5 books at the same time ( the Literature classes were pretty charged) The writing path is sometimes a little bit tortuous, intricate and also demand a lot of time. So I decide today to bury the procrastination specter that is always above me!

Now I can formerly change the status in my blog, I´m not longer a “Literature student” but a Bachelor in Literature. There is a quote here in my country that is: the time is short and never returns back!  I have a lot of disposition now, so let´s restart the journey and I hope I will have your lecture and feedback very soon…


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