A blue butterfly named «Luz»

The people who are really close to me know that I started to read influenced by my grandpa’s figure. He had a very big library where I could take any book! During my childhood and adolescence I also received a lot of books with a special signature “para la chinita lectora (for the Chinese reader)” When I graduated of the school I knew that all I wanted was to study something related with the words and fictional worlds.

Last year my father showed me the beautiful song “Mariposa Azul” of one youngest Ecuadorian singer and composer based in New York City named Luz Pinos. In her early years, Luz grew up exposed to a lot of South American pop and traditional music. Since the age of 3 she was singing and dancing to every song she ever heard. She followed her passion and graduated as a contemporary dancer in Guayaquil, Ecuador then decided to move to NYC and persue her carreer as a profesional singer. After finishing her degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music Luz found her own original sound and way of turning her personal stories into, compositions influenced by Ecuadorian and South American rhythms. ( taken from: http://luzpinos.com/)

When her grandpa passed away she decided to made this beautiful song about him, the moment I heard the song it I was immediately touched by her softly voice and the meaning behind every word of the lyric. Later we had a meeting with Luz and then started the collaboration between Ecua-Andino and she, the resolution was that for every special people she knows she will gave them a marvelous hat with a painted blue butterfly on it.

She presented her last single “Mozo” in Guayaquil and was a totally success, you can see here pictures of the event and a recompilation of her entire presentation. I attended her intimate concert and the connection between Luz and the audience was pretty magic! I´m sure she is a totally rising star!

luz and I

Luz and I posing for the picture


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