Hola, sunshine!

Two weeks ago I lived a very big experience in company of one lovely journalist and also another very special photographer from Next Magazine.  They came to our country because they wanted to follow my journey as a Panama hat blogger and see the entire process of our Ecuadorian hats. Even though I am not exactly a model, the entire week I changed my shy personality and I acquired that posture. I knew that I have to be not only a blogger but also the right ambassador of my own country, so the first day we made a lot of tourism activities such as park visits and streets stops. For them it was very important to choose the right spots for the photoshoot and they finally decided for the colourful houses of Barrio Las Peñas, that forms part of the old town of my city Guayaquil.  


In the second day the photoshoot was pretty fun but also stressful; I had to change clothes very fast and also had my make up on point. We moved very fast through the city, because of the changing weather (we were still at the rainy season) but at the end of day we visited the two spots that I love in Guayaquil: Mono Goloso and Camellias Tea. 

leyooo2 yo puesta

We travelled to the Coast on the third day and then immersed ourselves in the jungle of toquilla palms, the weather was very wet and hot, but every moment was worth it! The view of this very green and natural place where the pollution wasn’t invited, gave us a moment of self-concern of the natural fiber we were wearing in the top of our heads and its entire handmade process.


Many thanks Sophie and Shiloh for your kindly article and also beautiful photos! I hope to visit you one day in your own country and to be also your guest; you invited me so now I only need the time and the chance to travel.  As my father said to you: we are no longer acquaintances, but friends…

As we said goodbye to them at the airport, I felt a little bit melancholic about their departure, but the invitation was made and immediately a phrase came to my head: “when you have friends all over the world, you have houses in every country! “


We went also to the stadium of my beloved football team, Emelec! The next article I´m definitely are going to talk about that special experience…

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