I´m excited for the next year, so let´s keep moving forward!

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Audre Lorde, a writer I love, says that you need to transform your silence into language and actions because if you keep your words inside, they will leave you dry and feeling worst. For the last two weeks, I have been thinking about grief, loss, and death.

I have not written anything since last year, because I was trying to process a lot of different situations that happened in December. I lost my German Shepherd, Princesa, due to her age, and this was extremely painful for my family and me. She was a vital member and during the 12 years we spent together, she was a therapist for my sister, a great company for my mother and father, a strong protector of my sisters, and the most beloved dog.

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I didn´t want to make this article a sort of obituary, but when the idea of releasing something keeps popping into your head, you know you need to put your pain in words.

Princesa, we will remember your constantly moving radar ears, your long pink tongue, your brown eyes, your Cheetos-scented ducks, your white hairs over time, and all the love and protection that overflowed for us for more than a decade. ❤️ Thank you for teaching us how to love.

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Above all, I learned many things in 2022. ❤️‍✨️ The last year split in two, I changed from a job that was draining me, I met wonderful people, I gave a small conference at a university here in Cuenca, I read a lot, and above all, I lived. Thanks to everyone who supported me when I cried (because I did cry a lot) with hugs, words, memes, podcasts, songs, or dancing with me. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and I don’t regret it.

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