Sun, sun, sun, here it comes!

Helloooooo, Ecuador is in a very blessed position, all the year we have  a plenty sun in the sky. So for this ocassion i decided to post about a quick trip I made to a beach named General Villamil. This beach is located very close from Guayaquil, aprox one hour and a half. Maybe the […]


Click and start!

Hi guys, Just a little note about when I discovered the Polyvore amazing website and that I realized it would help me a lot with ???. I have always had fun with my sisters clicking on a product image and instantly having it in my closet (at least this app gives me a virtual experience […]


What can we do at night here in Guayaquil?

That’s the mainly question people ask me while visiting my country. Some of my friends do complain about how little options for entertainment there are here. I think you only need to use a comfortable outfit (including of course your beloved Panama Hat) and take the city by storm! The best advice is to discover these places in good company. Virgit (the owner of […]

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Are you not quite sure of the weather?

Helloooo, These days my city, Guayaquil has a weather that changes very dramatically.  Last Tuesday I wanted to take some photos with an outfit that I really liked it, and you know what? The raindrops began to fall and at that moment the only  two things I was thinking about was: 1) I only need […]



Holaaa, hellooo,hallooo, ciao, salut, こんにちは, Where do you use your Panama Hat, Panama Hut, Chapeau Panama, Cappello Panamá, Chapéu-panamá, etc.? When you put the #PanamaHat, I have seen plenty of photos all around the world in Instagram. Indeed, our iconic hat has travelled all around the globe, and has also been on top of many […]


I made the Panama Hat Tour!

Helloooo, Last Sunday, I was in company of some lovely people, part of the Panama Hat Tour, organized by Ecua-Andino along the coast of Ecuador. The goal was to discover the origin and traditional process of making a Panama hat. To sum it up, the hat process starts after the artisans collect in the coast mountains […]


Go to Mono Goloso and bon appétit!

Hi guys, Today I wanted to share with you a little secret…I must tell you that even if I am super skinny I just love food above all (except above books of course). This is why I really enjoy to discover new places to eat around the city. On Monday I went to a really […]

Do you remember Tom?

This is my first post in the Hat fiction section.    As I Literature student and fashion lover, I wanted to mix both worlds as French designer Olympia Le Tan did with her book clutches.   Moreover, I realized how most classic novels are full of details in the way writers describe the characters outfits, and […]